everpano UI - JS plugin

Simplify the creation of virtual tours, now everpano 3D includes for free the first version of a new plugin that will make easy to create a full virtual tour with hotspots, menu with thumbnails, VR mode

everpano User Interface

Create a nice tour, just by dragging panos to a new project, rendering it, and together with the new S3 feature, get it into production just in few minutes.

  1. Foldable menu with thumbanils and pano title
  2. Automatically generated perspective thumbnails
  3. 3D transition when tour contains a 3D model
  4. Next / previous buttons
  5. VR mode
  6. Fullscreen mode


<plugin name="everpano_ui" keep="true" devices="html5" url="%VIEWER%/plugins/everpano_ui.js"
vrPosition = "left"
fullscreenPosition = "right"
menuOpen = "0"
menuAnimation = "1"
showPanoTitle = "true"
showNextPrevious = "1"
showNPTooltips = "1"
everpano User Interface
everpano Logo